Meet our fabulous team of talented...

Meet the Owner, Carmen

Meet the owner, Carmen

Meet the owner of Pure + Simple, The Beach - Carmen! She opened the spa in 2016 after being a client of Pure + Simple since 2001. Originally from PEI, Carmen wanted work close to the water, in a neighbourhood community. “I love the location of our store, where there is so much support from other small business owners and clients.” Carmen’s favourite part of her job is working with her hilarious + talented team to deliver great skincare in The Beach neighbourhood.

Meet our Senior Medical Esthetician, Robert

Meet our Senior Esthetician, Robert

Robert is a licensed Medical Esthetician with over a decade of experience in the industry. He always has a fun, upbeat (sometimes sassy 💁‍♂️) personality!

Meet Medical Esthetician, Sepideh

 Our Medical Esthetician, Sepideh 

Meet our newest full-time Medical Esthetician, Sepideh! Sepideh loves our Sea Salt Microdermabradion facial and iS Clinical + Naturopathica products! She has 7+ years of experience in Europe + Canada.

Meet our Junior Front Desk, Lucy

Meet our Junior Front Desk, Lucy

Meet our Junior Front Desk staff, Lucy! Lucy is in high school and has been working with us for almost a year. She is always smiling and loves learning about skincare and spa operations.

Lucy’s favourite product is the Pure + Simple Algae Serum and her favourite service add-on is the Collagen Hydra Mask with cold globes to calm her sensitive skin!