IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

We chose the Sharplight's Omnimax System because it proved to give better and faster results with a lot less discomfort and almost no downtime than pre-existing methods. Light based technology is based on a method called "selective photothermolysis' which works by selective destruction of a specified target without damaging surrounding tissue.

Omnimax's DPC Technology maximizes our technician's control of treatment parameters, thus, providing a wide range of possibilities to obtain optimal results for all skin types, in most treatment cases, in all treatment stages.

Thermo Electric Contact Cooling in this device maintains epidermal temperature at close to 5°C even during continuous treatment of extensive areas. This unique method guarantees maximum skin safety, patient comfort and no need for anesthetic gel.

Safe + targeted services using intense pulsed light to treat common skin concerns + painless, permanent hair removal.

IPL Facials

IPL Photofacial $225 | 60 mins BOOK NOW

IPL uses light to target discolouration and uneven texture in skin, while healthy cells are left unaffected. This service will remove discolouration on the skin from the sun and even-out skin tone leaving you with a smoother, younger-looking complexion. Ideal for those who are looking to boost collagen production, those looking for dramatic, targeted results to decrease signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration due to age spots.


IPL Rosacea Facial $225 | 60 mins BOOK NOW

IPL uses light to target discolouration of broken blood vessels, while healthy surrounding cells are left unaffected. This service will reduce redness in your skin leaving you with an even skin tone. Ideal for clients with rosacea and hyperpigmentation looking for fast and lasting results.


IPL Acne Facial $175 | 60 mins BOOK NOW

IPL uses blue light to target discolouration and uneven texture in skin, while healthy cells are left unaffected. This service will help treat acneic skin reducing bumps and pigmentation of acne and acne scars. Ideal for clients struggling with stubborn acne and blemishes for which traditional products and services are not strong enough to treat and provide lasting effects.


IPL Treatments: A great option for the time-sensitive, or for maintenance

IPL Anti-Aging Treatment* $175 | 30 mins

IPL Rosacea Treatment* $175 | 30 mins

IPL Acne Treatment* $125 | 30 mins

*To book an IPL treatment, please call us at 416-551-7873


IPL Add-On*

Our IPL Add-Ons can be booked alone or in conjunction with your favourite facial. Use this spot treatment to target your specific skincare needs (acne/rosacea/signs of aging) either for maintenance between more in-depth IPL services (like our facials, or treatments) or for a quick solution before an event!

Book this service and discuss your specific needs with your aesthetician!

Ideal for: Those option for the time-sensitive, looking for a quick fix before an event, or for maintenance. Can treat redness/rosacea, acne + scarring, signs of aging.

*Add-Ons cannot be purchased alone. Must be combined with a regular facial.


IPL Hair Removal*

The advanced technologies, based on pulsed light or photo epilation, enable personalized, precise treatments that achieve effective, permanent results. IPL targets the hair follicle - providing permanent hair removal results while protecting the surrounding skin.

*To book an IPL Hair Removal session, please contact us at 416-551-7873, or email thebeach@pureandsimple.ca